The Complete Fit

The Advanced Fit - $199.99

Pre-fit interview will focus on your current physical activity level, goals, injuries and history. Before you get on the bike we do a physical assessment, establish core strength, flexibility and foot structure. Once we have this information, we will be able to use the Precision Fit Bike. The first saddle pressure mapping is included to establish a baseline. Using tools like motion capture we fine-tune your fit until we have the desired outcome. As an option we can also continue to use the saddle pressure mapping tool.

Pressure mapping option $69.99

The Advanced Fit

The Complete Fit - $359.99

All the elements of the Advanced Fit, including a more in depth physical assessment. A full frontal motion capture, allowing us to gather more information regarding knee tracking. At this level the saddle pressure mapping is included. This package is best for athletes who are looking for every performance gains or for athletes with a history of injury. Fitting is a process, that’s why we offer a 45 days comfort guaranty.

Every fit package includes the cost of transferring the final fitting solution to 1 bike. Additional costs apply for multiple bike transfer. Labour costs for modifications to bike in order to apply fit measurements via service department are not included.